Site Up-Time and Its Importance in SEO

By Bharathi Priya

Site up time is the time period a website is available online. However good a website is, if it is not available online at the given time can only havoc the reputation of a business. So the up-time of websites is given more importance by webmasters.

Why a site has to be “up”:

At any given instance of time, some part of the world is awake. So a website hosted in the internet can get visitors 24 hours, from one country or other. It is a common scenario with internet visitors, as they show less interest with websites that are not always up and running. So are the search engines, which don’t give preference to websites that are often unavailable. Even the search engines ban the websites that are down at regular intervals.

Monitoring Options:

There are not many web hoster’s, who always pinpoint their outages. Most of these website outages go unnoticed, if the websites are not monitored from a customers end. There are many software’s available in the market that can be used to monitor websites. But the cost, manpower factors are taken in to account very often they prove costly for a single website.

There are many online monitoring service providers, who monitor the websites through out. One can use websites like that monitors websites, servers, and DNS servers. Most of these websites send alerts via email, sms or as RSS feeds, or through customized buttons. Pricing, features that are monitored vary from websites to websites.

Advantages of monitoring:

If a website is always available, first of all it gets a good mark with the search engines. Response time is the second most important factor that makes a visitor more interested in a website. A good monitoring will help webmaster to decide on the quality of hosting. So with the help of monitoring reports, webmasters can switch the hosting to a better web hoster. Right monitoring not only brings more visitors or rather regular visitors, but at the same time builds a good reputation for the company.

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